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Increasing donations and engagement for MAP Charity

MAP CHARITY are a pioneering provider of creative education for young people at risk of exclusion from the mainstream school system, forging an innovative blueprint for what creative education and charities can become.

MAP tasked me with improving the donor journey, and creating a web design solution to be the focus of their fund raising campaigns, with the goal of increasing donations and audience engagement.

User research, UX & design process


I started by facilitating a workshop with MAP staff to define the challenge succinctly in a problem statement, and set clear goals and success measures. The second half of the workshop was used to conduct an empathy mapping exercise to understand and define the behaviour and characteristics of MAP’s user base.

I then worked with the client to create a donor journey and blueprint for each user type, mapping interactions, pain points, and existing physical content for each step of the journey to highlight content gaps and needs.

Using the research as input, a further workshop was conducted to create a project canvas, and collaboratively sketch solutions with the client. The sketches were of sufficient fidelity to document the requirements as user stories, which were used to iterate the content and design with the client until completion.

It's a total pleasure to work with Darren. We've never known a more comprehensive approach to digital design – from user experience, to strategy and design, there is a clear rationale for every decision. We have no doubt that the craft and care shown by Darren will be instrumental in helping MAP Charity meet our fundraising targets.

Raf Bogan – Communication Manager, MAP Charity

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